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Revan Onasi ([personal profile] curtainfalling) wrote2010-07-12 05:03 pm

[OOC] How's My Driving?

Since everyone's interpretation of Revan is different, the matter of "canon" can't really be discussed. However, if you note any holes in characterization or anything similar, feel free to let me know here.

This Revan is Light-Side Female, and has her memories of being a Sith Lord back. She romanced Carth, and was unable to rescue Bastila from the Dark Side. Currently, she got jumped ahead several decades after the end of Knights of the Old Republic after leaving [ profile] beyondtherift, to the point where no-one recalls who Revan was in her past.

I do NOT want to hear complaints about how "ZOMG BUT MALE!REVAN IS CANON!!!11!1Eleventy!". As I said, everyone has a different picture of Revan.

...I personally have several, actually. XD