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Name:Revan Onasi
Birthdate:Aug 25
Website:Posts & Threads
"You have so much courage and strength in you… Yet, somehow, I have no trouble imagining it differently… like the flip side of a coin."

Age: 28
Birthday: Unknown
Status: Alive
Alignment: Neutral Good (and occassionally Neutral Evil, if you piss her off enough.)
Present Occupation: Jedi Knight in the Old Republic
Previous Occupation: Jedi Knight and Saviour of the Republic. Also formerly a Sith Lord.
Location: Frequents the Nexus
Relationship Status: N/A
Strengths: Excellent Melee prowess. Wide variety of Force powers, including empathy, telepathy, telekinesis, Force Lightning, and other powers. Rift amplified these when she came through.
Weaknesses: Amnesia resulting from the Jedi Council messing with her brain. Almost split personalities, one light side, one dark side. More susceptible to falling to the Dark Side, since she’s already fallen once.

» Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown– Revan was very close friends with Doc when she was in the Rift. She hasn’t seen him in more than a year, and misses him sorely.
» Aiden Mori– Revan was also good friends with Aiden when she was in the Rift, but unfortunately, Rift!Aiden has basically been erased from existance. If she meets Aiden again, he won’t remember her.
» Practically has split personalities, except… not really. If you make her angry she’ll temporarily slide back down to the Dark Side, bringing out the former Sith Lord in her.
» Uses a double-bladed, dual-phase, separable, and waterproofed violet lightsaber in combat.
» Jedi Guardian; meaning, she focuses on combat to the slight neglect of her Force Powers.
» Revan has a massive Saviour Complex that compels her to protect people she feels are under her care. Here, that includes the residents of the Nexus, and “protecting” also means saving them from their own evils.
Played-By: Famke Janssen
Originally From: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Copyright Goes To…: George Lucas, BioWare Corp, LucasArts, © 1977-2008.
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Profile Header Quote From…:Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: spoken by Carth Onasi RE: Light-Sided Revan.
Resources: Excentric’s Baroque Divides, Icon Ornaments by daughterofsnape, Star Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock, Astronomy Brushes by deviantNep
Contact the (E-mail, MSN, & GChat), AnimeGoth23 (AIM), darkjediprincess (Skype), darkjediprinces (Twitter)
Other Characters:Aiden Mori, Rori & Lorenna Aevan, Estan Kyrindor; Zelgadis Graywords, Zuko, Edward Elric, The Grim Reaper, Claire Jameson/Lone Wanderer; Solanum Zombie Monster Journal; Methos/Adam Pierson (AU), Yugi & Yami Mutou (AU), Mewtwo (AU), Harry Potter (AU); Commander Amarantha Shepard, Tali’Zorah vas Neema, Bob the Skull, Mouse, Ebenezar McCoy, Cerberus/Normandy Crew; Kenna Solus

» Revan and her best friend Malak are brought into the Jedi Order
» Mandalorian Wars begin
» Old Republic asks the Jedi Council to aid them in the Wars. The Council refuses.
» Revan and Malak, angered by the Council’s decision, lead a rebel faction of Jedi to help the Republic
» Revan manages to win the Mandalorian Wars, but then disappears beyond the Outer Rim
» Several months later, Revan and Malak return, having fallen to the Dark Side. They start the Jedi Civil War.
» Malak orders the bombing of Telos, a non-military world. The order contradicts Revan’s plans, and Revan punishes him by slicing off his jaw with her lightsaber.
» The Jedi set a trap for Revan, intending to capture her and save her from the Dark Side. The attack goes horribly wrong when Malak seizes the opportunity to attempt to kill Revan from afar. Revan falls into a coma, and Bastila, one of the Jedi who set the trap, saves her life using the Force.
» The council invades Revan’s mind and alters her memory, identity, and personality so she won’t fall to the Dark Side. They place her under Bastila’s command in a last-ditch attempt to stop Malak.
» Revan wakes up from her coma on the Endar Spire as it is under attack by the Sith. She and Carth Onasi, the ship’s CO, escape to Taris. Bastila crashes into Taris’s undercity and is abducted by a gang.
» Revan rescues Bastila and enlists the aid of a Mandalorian merc, Canderous, to help get off the planet.
» The group steals the Ebon Hawk, a freighter/smuggler vessel, from the local Crime Lord and escape Taris just as Malak destroys it.
» The group flees to Dantooine, where Revan is re-trained in the ways of the Force. Revan saves a fellow Padawan, Juhani, from the Dark Side.
» Revan is assigned to look for the Star Forge after receiving a vision regarding it.
» While on Tattooine, she discovers her old Assassin Droid, HK-47, and purchases it, unaware of its connection to her past.
» On Kashyyyk, she drives Czerka off-world, preventing them from taking Wookiee slaves, and rescues a Grey Jedi named Jolee Bindo from the Shadowlands.
» Malak captures the crew and reveals Revan’s past to her. Bastila is captured while the rest of the crew escapes. Revan starts to experience moments of unexplainable anger and hatred. Carth is angered by the revelation.
» Revan infiltrates the Sith Academy on Korriban and saves one of the masters there from the Dark Side, along with Carth’s son Dustil.
» Revan and Carth fall in love.
» The crew finds the Star Forge, only to discover that Bastila has fallen to the Dark Side. Revan tries to save her but is eventually forced to kill her. She attempts the same with Malak, with the same results. Malak’s death ends the War, and Revan is awarded a Hero’s Cross.
» Almost a year after the end of the war, Revan and Carth are married. Less than a week later, she walks through the Rift.

» Revan spends about a year in the Rift, before being returned to her home universe seven decades ahead of her time of origin. Almost everyone she knew before is dead.
» Revan wanders through a portal to the Nexus while wandering around Dantooine and is reunited with Doc after asking her first question.
» Revan runs into Doc’s friend Marty McFly and is subsequently Canon Punctured.
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