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I recently purchased a copy of Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, and I decided it was high time that I consider the specifics of Revan’s Force abilities and of her lightsaber. What follows is what I’ve determined from reading the book. All paragraphs within blockquotes are quoted or paraphrased from aforementioned book.

Revan’s Lightsaber

Revan’s lightsaber is double-bladed, waterproofed, and dual-phase. Both blades are violet in colour. The hilt can be safely separated into two separate parts, giving her the option of dual-wielding two ordinary lightsabers.

This basically means the lightsaber will work properly in a rainstorm or underwater. I checked Jedi vs Sith, but it doesn’t really have anything to say on the matter other than a brief recording regarding the option from Kit Fisto.

Lightsabers with dual-phase focusing crystals can be adjusted to variable lengths and widths, granting a deceptive and highly effective tactic against unwary opponents. Records from circa 400 BBY indicate that Keiran Halcyon constructed a special dual-phase lightsaber that could go from standard length (1.3 meters) to a length of 3 meters with the flick of a switch.

Revan’s lightsaber has the same customization mentioned above. It can also go shorter when needed, mostly in emergency situations.

Here's a drawing of what her hilt looks like:

Click the thumbnail >.>


There are seven lightsaber forms. Revan knows all of them but favours four of them over the others. Those four are Form IV (Ataru), which she favours the most; Form III (Soresu); Form V (Shien); and Form VI (Niman)

Form IV, also called Ataru, is the most acrobatic Form, filed with numerous elaborate moves, and relies heavily upon a Jedi’s ability to run, jump, and spin using the Force. Form IV can be astonishing to watch. By incorporating all the Force powers that enable one to exceed standard norms of physical possibilities, Jedi may resemble nothing less than a blur when they utilize Form IV.

Revan uses this form the most often. She’s particularly skilled at Force Leaping, so she tends to use that move to excess.

Form III, also called Soresu, was first developed in response to the advancement of blaster technology in the galaxy. As an ever-increasing variety of blaster weapons became available to military factions as well as criminals, Jedi had to revise their lightsaber skills to defend themselves.

Revan would be able to use it to block bullets as well, though she would not be able to turn them back onto their originator; her lightsaber would dissolve them into nothing.

Form V, which has two distinct variations, Shien and Djem So, was developed alongside Form IV, during an era when Jedi were called upon to more actively maintain the peace in the galaxy, and when purely defensive combat skilles—such as those of Form III—were deemed insufficient. Form V focuses on strength and lightsaber attack moves. Form V’s Shien variation exploits the ability of a lightsaber to block a blaster bolt, and turns this defensive move into an offensive attack by deflecting the bolt deliberately toward an opponent.

Niman is mostly what you see in the prequel movies. It’s a balance of offense and defense. Not much more needs to be said, since Revan favours Ataru over this form.

Revan’s Force Abilities

Revan is proficient with the following Force Powers:

  • Sense Powers

  • Telepathy

  • Affect Mind (AKA the Jedi Mind Trick)

  • Telekinesis

  • Force Leap

  • Burst of Speed

  • Healing & Healing Trance

  • Farsight

  • Force Camouflage

  • Force Lightning

Sense Powers
Nearly all Force-users are born with heightened sight, hearing, and olfactory senses, allowing them to perceive things that otherwise would be impossible without artificial aids. A Jedi learns to feel the bonds that join all living things and gains the ability to understand how these things are interconnected. Such talents enable the Jedi to gather information about their environment, detect danger and hidden beings, and “see” in total darkness or through barriers.

Although Jedi cannot always sense the presence of Sith, they can sense disturbances in the Force that indicate such a presence. The sensation is mostly instinctive, a bad feeling that should not be dismissed as simply an emotional reaction to a situation. If a Jedi senses that something is amiss, that feeling is almost always justified.

Jedi are not telepathic to the extent that they can read minds, but they can read emotions and see images from another’s mind. Jedi who are related or share close bonds, such as the relationship between a Master and apprentice, can exchange short four- or five-word sentences with each other, but few can actually engage in actual telepathic conversations.

Affect Mind
A Jedi can use the Force to manipulate the behaviour of weak-minded beings. Essentially, this power—referred to by Jedi as affect mind, but popularly known as Jedi Mind Tricks—utilizes a combination of receptive empathy, projective empathy, and hypnosis. Jedi mind tricks can stop the understanding of what’s really happening by blocking the senses, and can also obliterate memories altogether or even replace them with false ones.

It should be noted that Revan has previously been on the business end of an attempt to alter her memories. Luckily it didn’t fully work, but was still a traumatic experience.

Commonly known as a Jedi’s object movement power, telekinesis is more accurately described as a manipulation of the Force to control the direction of objects through space. Jedi utilize this talent not only to push, pull, and lift objects, but also to redirect projectiles and guide their starships through combat.

Force Leap
The ability to leap higher and farther comes relatively naturally to Jedi. Among other useful aspects, a well-timed Force leap enables a Jedi to quickly draw within range of a potential enemy. Although the leaping range varies depending on the Jedi’s training and physique, most Jedi Masters are easily able to make leaps several times their height.

Revan has about the same potential. That is, to make jumps that are several times her height.

Burst of Speed
By using the Force to attune their entire body with their heightened reflexes, Jedi can use the skill commonly referred to as the burst of speed to sprint with such velocity that they appear to vanish from their starting point. In unarmed combat, this ability can be utilized to bring a rapid end to a fight. More than other Force powers, the burst of speed can have a draining effect on a Jedi’s energy and metabolism, and extended use typically requires a recovery period.

Healing & Healing Trances
Ancient Jedi learned that the power of the Force could be used to ease pain, heal wounds, and cure various afflictions, and that these healing arts were effective on ordinary beings as well as Force-users. …Some Jedi have learned to place other Force sensitive beings in healing trances to accelerate their natural healing process. While in a trance, patients’ heartbeats slow, their breathing all but ceases, and they appear to be dead. Unconscious of their surroundings, human patients have been known to remain in trances for up to a week in dry climates, and even up to a month in wet climates before there is a risk of them succumbing to dehydration….…A number of Jedi have also demonstrated the ability to put themselves into trances for long periods of time.

Revan put herself into a healing trance when she caught the superflu so she could get it out of her system. It seems to have worked.

Through the Force, a Jedi can sense the occurrence of distant events or receive a brief glimpse of the future. This sense sometimes activates at unexpected moments, but can also be achieved through a meditation technique called farsight.

Force Camouflage
Several recordings from the Great Holocron cite a power known as Force camouflage, which renders a Force-user invisible to others.

Revan developed this technique for her Sith Assassins when she was still a Sith Lord. She also knows how to use it herself.

Force Lightning
Force lightning is a purely offensive power that often appealed to those who had embraced the Dark Side. It causes excruciating pain as it weakens an individual’s life, and is nearly impossible to deflect. Because of the power’s obvious negative effects, it is no wonder various Jedi Orders forbade its use. It was so long associated with the Sith that it was often referred to as Sith lightning.

Unlike the other quotes from Jedi vs Sith, this one has been paraphrased a bit. The others are mostly word-for-word.

That about covers everything. I think. >.>

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